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What is High Intensity Training

High intensity training is a specific method of strength training that was introduced by Arthur Jones in 1970s. It is also popularly called HIT, which later became highly popular as many bodybuilders who achieved excellent results by including this type of training into their workout sessions. The main principle of HIT is muscle training with the maximum intensity in little time period. The popularity of this training was increased by famous competitors and trainers such as Mike Mentzer, Stuart McRobert, Ellington Darden, Bill Philips, Matt Brzycki and many others. This training technique can provide you with a wide range of benefits such as conditioning, fat loss, increased muscle strength and enhanced cardiovascular fitness. Certain things that are taken into account in HIT are:

  • Amount of weight
  • Number of repetitions
  • Time for which muscles are tensed

Principles of HIT

There are some general principles of high intensity training.

  • The sets and repetition should be done with a particular load which will result in perfect muscle failure. This means that you need to select a heavy weight for eight to twelve repetitions of every exercise. At the end of each session, the muscles must get exhausted.
  • If your muscles achieve complete failure after the last repetition in only one set, then you may not need to go for further sets. In such case, you would not be able to move that weight to a particular position even with the maximum effort.
  • As few sets are advocated in this training technique, the enthusiasts of HIT say that you need less amount of time for a full body workout. It can achieve better results than various traditional exercises that involve more number of sets.
  • You must try to increase the weight with successive workouts. It is said that this can provide muscle development and strength rapidly.

These are the main principles that are associated with HIT. They can be highly effective if applied to your weight training session. Before starting with this strength training technique, you must speak with a fitness trainer. It is also a good idea to train together with a partner. You must use different weights rather than using the same load repeatedly. This will provide you with the best results. It has been seen that performing HIT consistently for four weeks with proper interval can deliver substantial results.

HIT technique is safe and effective

Performing the HIT technique can be beneficial for various people. These include body builders, firefighters, boxers, police officers, paramedics and any individual who wants to develop their muscles for their profession. You can perform this exercise at home using a set of weights. You can also do it in any fitness center. An important thing about high intensity training is that it is considered to be completely safe, and at the same time, it can develop muscles quickly. It is an excellent procedure that is also used by various professional athletes.

So, if you are looking for a perfect strength training method for the development of your muscles, then you can start with this technique.

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