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Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Training Software

bodybuilding training software

Our weight lifting training software is based on a concept called "One Rep Max", which simply means "how much you can lift once". The software uses each exercise's One Rep Max to design your workout according to your goals (Strength, Muscle Mass, Muscle Definition, Fitness, etc...). Every set and rep is calculated and printed, ready to take to the gym. The software facilitates the recording of your One Rep Max and, via carefully researched workout templates, designs your workout according to your goals. It also keeps track of your progress ( One Rep Max, body weight and body fat ), enabling you to easily evaluate the effectiveness of your training.

This is a goal striving program. It analyzes your current strength, fitness and so on, and uses these ratings and a built in formula, which aims for steady progression, when calculating the weights, reps and times. If you train regularly, it makes sure that you make progress. Seeing what you have accomplished makes it all the more real and exciting, and motivates you to try even harder the next time.

Put in the necessary time and effort, apply the correct techniques and methods, and before long you will see and realize that you are making progress, that you are achieving success, that you are winning!

The only way to really evaluate a program is to try it out.

Download and use it, and see for yourself the results you achieve.

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