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Intense Exercise Improves Learning

Exercise and cognitive functions have strong connections between them and this has been recently confirmed by neuroscientists around the world. Exercise promotes a phenomenon called neurogenesis, which means the growth of more neuron cells and tissues. An experiment was conducted on mice and the mice that were trained on running wheels showed greater neurogenesis than their counterparts who had no physical activity at all. If one jogs for about 30 minutes a day for about 12 weeks then it is seen that the executive functions improve a great deal. According to results from an experiment conducted by German scientists, the learning rate is improved by as much as 20% due to intense physical exercise.

A group of proteins which are known as brain derived neutrophic factor builds and nourishes the infrastructure of cell circuitry in the brain. The BNDF performs various activities like improving neural functions, promoting neurogenesis and also protects the neurons against cell death. Increase in physical activity and exercise has known to improve the rate of neurogenesis and increases the creation of BNDF. The healthiness of a brain is associated with the amount of neurogenesis it is timed to proceed with. With aging our body and mind undergoes lot of wear and tear and in the same way neurogenesis also slows down with the reduced production of BDNT.

Scientists have performed several experiments to test the memory of animals and its relationship with learning ability. An experiment was conducted on a group of mice who had been put into two separate groups each. The experiment was to be conducted in a rodent sized pool with the escape the escape platform hid beneath water. The mice who had trained for 3-4 kilometers on a running wheel showed better memory response. The mice that had no physical activity of any sort performed poorly in this test. Later the scientists who were conducting the tests found out that the rate of neurogenesis in the mice with increased physical activity was around twice of that of sedentary ones.

Increased physical activity has effects which are hard to be ignored and the effect which is put up by increased physical activity is immense. Increased physical activity will generate neurogenesis and increase the production of BNDF. Increased BNDF will promote greater learning abilities. This was put to the test at the Napierville School in Quebec which has performed well repeatedly in the areas of academics and sports although this school is not highly funded by the authorities. The reason behind the success is the introduction of sports in their curriculum.

We can see that learning ability is closely associated with the physical exercise the being undergoes. It is not only the humans that benefit from intense physical exercise; even small animals have better response to external stimuli. So when taking up one of the weight loss programs including regular exercise, you will not only get in good shape, but also boost your mental activity and enrich this way the quality of your life.

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