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Setting Up a Home Gym for Bodybuilding

If you are building a home gym for bodybuilding, you will need a variety of machines, or go with a universal setup. I have a variety and it is what I would recommend if you have the space for it. But if space is a limiting factor, go for a universal machine.

If you plan on working out by yourself, invest in a powerbox or power rack to save yourself from needing a spot.

A dumbbell rack with a complete set of dumbbells allows you to hit a wide variety of muscles.

A hack squat or inverted leg press is necessary to build your quads, along with a leg extension that reverses so you can do your hamstrings. I personally like the angled press better because it gives less strain on my lower back and it gives a wide variety of leg presses including hack squat leg presses.

The lat pull down machine is great, it allows for doing your back from many different angles, triceps, and even biceps with many different extensions available.

Get an Olympic size curl bar with hammer curl ability, makes it easy for doing "skull crushers," and gets your full range of bicep muscles.

For an easy way to startup a bodybuilding home gym on a budget check out Build Your Own Home Gym Equipment.

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