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HGH Weight Gain

Since HGH secretion begins to dwindle as a person ages, many think HGH supplements are simply for those trying to look and younger. HGH has been known to revive vitality, provide dynamic energy, and even delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but could it have more benefits up its sleeve?

HGH For Muscle Building

Though many people have used HGH to counter the effects of aging, it also has many other uses. One application that is becoming more and more popular is using HGH for bodybuilding. In fact, many muscle supplements have already started using HGH promoting ingredients to help athletes develop better stamina, strength, and muscle mass.

The reason HGH makes sense for weight-training athletes is because it is one of the body's most potently anabolic compounds. “Anabolism” refers to processes within the body that uses simple substances to build up or synthesize tissue, organs, and other bodily structures. HGH is thus anabolic because it helps the body build and synthesize muscle. With this characteristic, it becomes very attractive for bodybuilders looking to stack on more lean tissue. Let's take a look at the metabolic pathways HGH takes to see why it's so effective.

How HGH Works

When you use an HGH supplement, HGH is secreted naturally within the body by the pituitary gland. Once it reaches the bloodstream, HGH is then taken to liver. There, it is converted into a protein called IGF-1 or Insulin-like growth factor. This hormone is structurally similar to insulin but its effects are very different. Once IGF-1 is synthesized, it is secreted from the liver back into the blood. From there, it is fed into muscle and bone structures. After IGF-1 has reached a muscle, the bodybuilding benefits really start to show. With the presence of IGF-1, muscles begin to experience two anabolic effects - hypertrophy and hyperplasia.

IGF-1 causes individual muscle cells to grow in size. Unlike hypertrophy, hyperplasia is an increase in number of muscle cells rather than an increase in size. By increasing cell volume and quantities on a large scale, IGF-1 can help provide fuller looking mass and stronger muscles overall.

With such potent anabolic potential, more IGF-1 should be on every bodybuilder's wish list. Sadly the only way to experience IGF-1's incredible benefits (legally anyway) is too boost levels of HGH. There are several muscle formulas out there that are packed with compounds known to help optimize the function of the pituitary and increase HGH secretion.
If your workouts have hit a wall with the supplements you're currently using, maybe it's time to give an HGH supplement a try. To begin seeing the muscle building results this product can offer, buy HGH Advance today.

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