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What Is A Good Bodybuilding Workout?

A bodybuilding workout should be a well-rounded program that provides an adequate amount of resistance to all areas of the body and all muscle groups. It should contain a variety of exercises including weight training and a cardiovascular training as well. If you are wondering about different types of bodybuilding workouts, there is no one magic formula for everyone.

When you are trying to devise a good bodybuilding workout, you need to consider the current state of your health. Your health can factor in your recoverability, susceptibility to injury and your physical limitations. If you are beginning a bodybuilding workout to get fit, you will probably have to start slow and work your way up. Before starting workouts you must have a basic knowledge of human anatomy and what muscles are located where on your body. When you know where your muscles are, you'll be better equipped to work them to their maximum capacity. You can concentrate on the specific muscle groups and use the weights to tone and sculpt those muscles.

Characteristics of a Good Bodybuilding Workout 1. It must be short (between 45 to 75 minutes maximum; 60 minutes being best).

2. The rest in between sets should be kept to a minimum (90 seconds or less).

3. Generally, depending on the goal, the sets should be between 8 - 15 repetitions for muscle mass gains and 15-25 repetitions for body sculpting purposes.

4. Training must be varied and cycled.

Some Important Bodybuilding Workouts

High-Low Routines - These workout routines make you do a weight lifting exercise at a very heavy weight and then one at a lighter weight. For example, you do bench presses at a heavy weight for five reps and then follow that with a set at a lightweight for 15 reps, theoretically giving you the best of both worlds.

Tri-sets - These routines are essentially supersets plus one. You work each muscle group with three exercises performed consecutively.

Burnout Sets - Burnout sets are simply dropping the weight and doing the same bodybuilding exercise until you are completely fatigued.

Negative Reps - In these workout routines you only perform the eccentric part of the exercises. A partner does all or most of the concentric part and then you concentrate all your energy on lowering the weight.

Forced Negative Reps - Like in the negative reps, except here you may do more of the concentric portion of the exercise only to have your partner add resistance to the eccentric part.

Multi-Exercise Sets - This is similar to single-set workout routines in that you work each muscle group with just one set of several different weight lifting exercises.

Diminishing Sets - The concept of these workout routines is that you aim for a number of total reps to do regardless of sets and then up the weight as soon as you can successfully complete the task within the desired time.

Upside Down Pyramid Routine - For this you simply start out at a heavy weight, work down to a lightweight and then work back up to a heavy weight.

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