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Get the Most Out of Body Building

Getting the most from Body Building can fall into two categories: getting the most benefits, and how to obtain the best results in your training program. Essentially, will find that one leads to the other, as long as you are following your diet correctly for the training you will be doing.

Here are the principles to follow; they all work together so none should be missed, and they will produce consistent and predictable results.

Train Each Body Part Once Per Week

This allows plenty of time in between sessions for each body part to recover, and more training does not always mean better results.

Each Body Part Should Have 3-4 Exercises

This number of exercises for each body part gives plenty of variety to how these muscles will be worked, and this will include different exercises and reps (and don’t forget rest).

Only Do 3 Work Sets per Exercise

This should be 3 main working sets where you are nearly at the limit, with warm ups not to be included in this count.

Each Body Part Should Have a Power or Strength Move

Although training for body building is to optimize your physique, both power and strength training should be included in your training. Both these training types induce hypertrophy; this means more muscle fibers will be utilized in following exercises.

Each Body Part Should Have a Strength and Hypertrophy Exercise

This will increase strength while increasing hypertrophy (increase of muscle through growth of its cells), with sets of 8-10 reps is ideal. You can use a heavy enough weight to build strength and it is light enough to do the reps, so this will increase the time under tension (TUT).

Each Body Part Should Have an Endurance and Volume Building Exercise

Working sets of 12-20 reps helps to build not only stamina but increases the TUT, and it is this TUT that induces hypertrophy. Actually, it is specifically done to build the muscle size by increasing the size of its cells, rather than just the fibers.

Compound vs. Isolation Exercise

Neither type is better than the other, and they should be used in combination, and the muscles should be stimulated in various ways. By doing both you will gain better hypertrophy than if you just performed one or the other type of exercise.

Weak Areas

Target your weak areas, and if any area is under-developed compared to the others it should be improved, as this will give symmetry to your physique

Most Important Exercise First

This doubles with your weaker parts, so it is no good trying to do this at the end of your routine when you are fatigued, as the benefits will be lost.

Rest and Reps

On heavy lifting reps (low rep number); rest long enough that will allow you to lift the maximum weight on the next set.

On low lifting reps (high rep number) have a short rest so you compromise your performance on purpose, as this forces hypertrophy by causing metabolic stress.

As a summary to this, it is said you can train “hard” and you can train “long”, but it is not possible to “train long and hard”.

It is the rest periods in between training sessions that dictate the effects of your performance. Although your muscles may be fine, it is the effects on your nervous system that needs to recover fully. It is critical that you keep volume and intensity inversely proportional.

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Asra Carlone currently writes for the leading website     

She is a health blogger and her interests include topics related to nutrition, fitness and well-being.    

Asra also enjoys practicing mindfulness through advanced meditation techniques and yoga. 

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