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Anabolic Steroids Information

Everything you need to know about Anabolic Steroids

First of all, What are they?

  • Anabolic Steroids are a synthetic chemical compound very similar to that of the male sex hormones (chemical regulator that control tons of processes such as the reproductive cycle, growth, development and different aspects in behavior)
  • Now what does it do?

    They help the synthesis of new protein, help you train harder and give more energy.

    There are 2 ways to take steroids, orally or injection. Oral is used by your liver much faster and has a toxic effect on the liver, an example would your whole intake would be used up in 1 full day. Injections are considered much safer because they are injected into the bloodstream and are used much slower, takes about 3 days to start the process.

    Beginner and moderate bodybuilders do not need nor benefit as much as if you have hit a plateau (developed so far naturally and cannot make any gains). Competition body builders use steroids as a finishing touch to compliment they're already fantastic physiques. A trained person will respond better to steroids better than a beginner.

    Health risks

    These first few are rarely reported, next set is the more common side effects

    • Liver- Oral steroids like Dianabol are destroyed used quickly by the liver within 24 hours, and creates a toxic effect on the liver, Injected steroids are considered safer because they do not have such a toxic effect

    • Higher estrogen levels- increased body fat, greater water retention, occasionally development of breast tissue in males

    • In teenagers, it caps off growing bones

    Here are a list of the more common symptoms / side effects

    • Loss of appetite, constipation, intestinal irritation, bloated feeling, and vomiting (common with oral anabolic steroids, around .5 to 2 percent get these)

    • Nose bleeding

    • Headaches

    • increased aggression (sometimes good or bad)

    • tiredness / dizzyness

    • muscle cramping and/or spasms

    These are the risks of steroids, some serious and not fixable while some only temporary.

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