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Advanced Bodybuilding Principles

Here you will find advanced bodybuilding workout principles such as supersets, stripping methods, flushing methods, and much more!

Supersets - 2 or more exercises done in a row without any resting.

Stripping Sets - Usually on your last set, 4th or 5th, load up the weight with small plates, do as many as you can, aim for 8-10 until you cant do another one, take off a 5 or 10 pound plate, do a few more until you cant do it anymore, and repeat until your exhausted!

Shocking - This is what you want to do to your body every workout, shock the body into growing, you do this by switching up your workout, doing different exercises and doing them differently than usual.

Instinctive Training - Everybody is different, and every body responds differently, after you have been body building for awhile, you will learn what your body responds to well, use that to you advantage.

Isotension - In between sets, (I do this at my home gym) stand in the mirror and flex the muscles you are working out, this helps too add definition.

Pre Exhaustion - Isolate the muscle with a specific exercise that targets just that muscle then move on to a bigger exercise, an example would be doing dumbbell flys before you do incline bench or flat bench.

Flushing Your Muscles - Use a very light weight and hold it at various points in your rep, this helps to flush out all the lactic acid build up.

Partial Reps - After you have done a set and you cant do that last rep, do another half or 3/4 rep, do a few of them, this helps to get those unused muscle fibers to be used and tired.

Different Exercise Sets - Do 1 exercise, then do a different exercise for your next set. By the end you will end up doing 5 sets of all different exercises each time.

21's - do 7 half reps at the lower part of your rep, then 7 reps at the higher part of the exercise, then 7 more complete reps, this is one set. Pick a lighter weight so you can complete it, I constantly find myself ending at 4 or 5 reps because I get too tired.

Forced reps - Have a partner help you lift the weight when you cant do that last rep, and do a few more after that with his help.

Negative reps - Put on a heavy weight, do the negative part of the rep, and have your partner help you lift it back up, then do another negative, this is a great method in increasing your max for any exercise.

Forced Negatives - Have a partner push down the weight on your negative reps for that little extra resistance.

This sums up the workout tips, all of these methods are for shocking your muscles into growing.

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